If you would like to spend more time with your family on vacation and benefit from facilities as a whole family, hotels with a private pool might be a good choice. You can choose the hotel that suits you best among a great number of different alternatives- ranging from those with a thermal pool in the room to the ones with private family cabins- and enjoy the pool with your family members without giving up your privacy. These unforgettable experiences suit all budgets as they provide great value for money.

Please note that some hotels may accept Euros, Dollars and Pound Sterling as a form of payment.

Spa and Wellness Hotels with Private Swimming Pool

Spa and wellness hotels are among the favourite addresses of travel lovers who are fond of resting, relaxing and healing themselves while on holiday. If you want to discard all of your privacy concerns and take advantage of the effect of hot spring waters, you can utilise the private pool in your room to rejuvenate you. .

  • Being only 10 km away from Afyon city centre , Dundar Thermal Villa Hotel is preferred by big families and guests who prioritise comfort. The suites and villas are host to two different types of pools: standard pools and those with a jacuzzi. If you opt for such a room, you can take advantage of the effective hot spring waters, which are known to be used for the treatment of arthritis, fibromyalgia and rheumatic diseases
Dündar Termal Villa Otel özel termal aile havuzlu villalar sunuyor
Dündar Termal Villa Otel private thermal pool
“The hotel has a convenient location. Both the room and the facility are quite clean and well-maintained. There is a live musical performance in the evening. Inside the property, there is a supermarket and a cafe. You can find anything you want. The private pool is big enough. Kitchen utensils are available. You can make your own breakfast and cook. We were very pleased with the hotel in general.” Fazli, Turkey, Aug 2021 🇹🇷
Aforia Thermal Residences aile termal havuzları
Aforia Thermal Residences thermal family pool
  • Located in the famous Terzikoy hot springs of Amasya, Fimar Life Thermal Resort Hotel is a 5-star alcohol-free thermal resort. The hot spring waters are known to be effective in the treatment of nervous system disorders, chronic fatigue, asthma and blood pressure ailments . There is a hot tub in a suite and a private family pool in a villa.
Fimar Life Thermal Resort Hotel - villa konaklama biriminde özel aile havuzu mevcuttur
Fimar Life Thermal Resort Hotel villa private family pool
  • Distinguished with its different alternatives such as one and two-bedroom apartments - Basaranlar Thermal is located in Gazlıgol, Afyon- a place commonly visited for health purposes since the Phrygians. Each room has a private family pool in this thermal hotel, which has been rated highly by HalalBooking guests. Inside the property, there are also indoor swimming pools and spa centers, which serve women and men in separate areas.
“The hotel is marvelous. The staff is cool, hospitable and respectful. They care about their clients. It's very clean in and outside the rooms. The pool is limpid, too. I would definitely go there again! There is even a mosque inside the property, which I really appreciated. May ALLAH bless all those who contributed to the construction of this mosque. We did not have to look for one around for our Friday prayers. I would absolutely recommend this hotel to anyone because we were really pleased with our stay. Take care! Mukremin, Turkey, Feb 2021 🇹🇷
Başaranlar Termal - odada özel termal aile havuzu
Başaranlar Termal has a private family thermal pool in each room

Spa and Wellness Hotels with Private Family Pool

While some hotels have a private thermal pool in the room, others have family pools located in a private area. Being allocated solely to families, these family pools can be booked in advance. In these private areas, the guests are also offered amenities such as thermal pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and hammam. For a wellness holiday that will detox your body into a new you and make you feel ten years younger, book from one of our properties for the finest spa experiences.

  • Located in Kizilcahamam (Ankara), Cam Thermal Hotel & Spa is a 5-star alcohol-free hotel located among lush pine trees. It hosts ladies- and men-only swimming pools and spa centers, as well as private areas allocated to family use. Private family cabins (2 to 5 people) which you can use by booking in advance, are also available. Besides, you can benefit from the private thermal pool, terrace and special treats by renting the Tower VIP room.
Çam Termal Otel & Spa VIP termal aile havuzu
Çam Termal Otel & Spa VIP thermal family pool
Çam Termal Otel & Spa - Aile Havuzu
Çam Termal Otel & Spa family pool
  • Another alcohol-free thermal resort is the 5-star Korel Termal Resort & Spa,  which offers its guests a ladies-only aqua park, an indoor pool and spa center. There is also a private family bathroom, in which you can find a thermal pool with jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and hammam. The temperature of the pool water in the family bathrooms, which you can rent hourly in advance, can be adjusted on request.
Korel Termal Otel & Spa'da ailenize özel termal havuz kiralayabilirsiniz
Private family bathroom in Korel Termal Otel & Spa
  • Located in Balıkesir (Sındırgı), Obam Thermal Resort offers a ladies- and men-only outdoor pool, aqua park, indoor pool and spa center. Healing thermal waters are especially effective in the treatment of certain diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, chronic low back and neck pain. The resort provides its guests a private thermal family pool, whose sessions can be pre-booked.
Obam Termal Otel - tesiste önceden rezervasyonla kiralanabilen özel termal aile havuzu bulunmaktadır
Obam Termal Otel provides its guests a private thermal family pool, whose sessions can be pre-booked

The hotel is highly rated by HalalBooking customers who have made positive comments about the property.

“The hotel is clean, the rooms are spacious and comfortable, the hotel staff is hospitable and adopts a meticulous approach to clients. The food is so delicious and varied that you might feel at home far away from home. Also, the pool and all the facilities are constantly cleaned. I will definitely come back as soon as I have the chance.” Najla, Italy, Aug 2021 🇮🇹
  • With its mesmerising atmosphere in the awe-inspiring mountains of the Black Sea region, Ridos Thermal Hotel & Spa has a great location in a valley separating Rize from Trabzon. With its high ratio of minerals found in hot spring water, it is considered to be one of the 5 best thermal waters in the world. The hotel offers its guests private family baths and VIP thermal pools, where there is an opportunity to enjoy healing waters in complete privacy as a family.
Ridos Thermal Hotel & Spa - özel termal aile kabini
Ridos Thermal Hotel & Spa private family bath
  • Located in Goynucek (Amasya), Fimar Life Thermal Resort Hotel is host to indoor/outdoor pools and spa centers that serve women and men in separate areas. For those who want to enjoy hot spring waters in a totally secluded place as a family, this hotel offers private family cabins of three different sizes: small, medium-sized and large . Inside these family cabins, there is a pool and jacuzzi varying in size, a living room , a TV room and a hammam.
Fimar Life Thermal Resort Hotel korunaklı bir ortamda ailece termal suyun keyfini çıkarabilmek için özel aile kabini sunuyor
Fimar Life Thermal Resort Hotel private family cabin with pool and jacuzzi
  • May Thermal Resort Spa Hotel is a 5-star, Muslim-friendly resort located in Sandikli hot springs, known to cure skin-related diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, as well as rheumatic diseases. The resort hosts swimming pools allocated only to women, to men and for mixed use. It is also home to spa centres serving men and women separately, as well as numerous entertainment facilities. For those who would like to take advantage of hot waters with other family members, the resort provides private thermal family bathrooms with a hammam, jacuzzi tub or mini thermal pool. If you wish, you can also use the mud bath, and the private pool with fish- commonly referred to as "doctor fish".
May Thermal Resort Spa Hotel içerisinde hamam, jakuzili küvet veya mini termal havuz bulunan özel termal aile banyoları sunuyor.
May Thermal Resort Spa Hotel provides private thermal family bathrooms with a hammam, jacuzzi tub or mini thermal pool
  • Located in Yalova, Esila Thermal Hotel is ideal for a halal-friendly holiday as it provides its guests with a women-only indoor pool, spa facility and rooms with jacuzzi. There is no alcohol service at this 4-star, Muslim-friendly thermal resort, which features a totally secluded family hammam where there is an opportunity for each couple to benefit from a private family pool.
Esila Termal Otel bayanlara özel termal havuzların yanı sıra kirala seçeneği bulunan korunaklı aile havuzu da sunmaktadır
Esila Termal Otel provides its guests with a women-only indoor pool, spa facility and rooms with jacuzzi
  • Another classy thermal resort of Kizilcahamam is Eliz Thermal & Spa providing its guests luxurious 5-star accommodation, including standard rooms, suites and apartments. With its ladies- and men-only swimming pools, spa centres and kids entertainment areas, this resort has something for anyone. For families who would like to benefit from the healing effect of thermal waters in a secluded area, Eliz Thermal & Spa offers a VIP pool option with a private family bath and a secluded family pool.
Eliz Thermal & Spa'da korunaklı termal aile havuzu
Eliz Thermal & Spa offers a VIP pool option with a private family bath and a secluded family pool

Simply make the best choice among spa and wellness hotels with family pool in Turkey and spend great time with your family whilst on holiday.

Hotels with Private Family Pool

Hotels with family pools  are not limited to spa and wellness hotels. Many resorts now offer private pools for halal-conscious couples and families. Secluded VIP family rooms are also available in some properties while there are other similar accommodation alternatives, such as villas with private secluded outdoor and indoor pools by the seaside. You can be rest assured that you can enjoy your stay, complete with the privacy you desire.

  • Located among lush forests in Sapanca, Cabir Deluxe Hotel Sapanca is a 5-star spa resort where no alcohol is served. There is a great variety of facilities such as ladies-only pools, spa center, etc. as well as VIP rooms that families can pre-book. Serving its guests in a completely secluded atmosphere, this resort offers rooms with a jacuzzi pool, sauna and hammam.
Cabir Deluxe Hotel Sapanca ailece spa ile gevşemek için VIP odalar sunuyor
In Cabir Deluxe Hotel Sapanca guest can pre-book VIP rooms for family use
“The staff is very hospitable and has great respect for customer privacy. We were especially pleased with the cleanliness of the rooms and that of the facility. It was also very considerate of them to take each client's feedback on accommodation on the check-out day. I stayed at this resort with my mother and sister. We loved the spa and massage facilities. We did not have to spend hours thinking about where to go. We already know our next holiday destination. I would like to thank all the staff and managers for creating such a lovely atmosphere.” Elif, Turkey, Jul 2021 🇹🇷
  • Adin Beach Otel in Antalya is definitely one of the best Muslim-friendly hotels in the world. It has three separate sections on its private beach allocated exclusively to women, to men and for mixed-use. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa centers as well as kid-friendly entertainment facilities are available to serve men and women in separate areas, making it a perfect holiday address for halal-conscious guests. For guests who would like to experience the comfort and luxury of Adin Beach Hotel with other family members in a secluded environment, villas with swimming pool might be the best alternative. Each villa has a completely secluded jacuzzi with a sea view as well as a secluded swimming pool. The good point is you can keep on using the hotel's restaurant and other facilities while staying at the villa.
Adin Beach Otel'de özel havuzlu villa
Adin Beach Hotel private villa pool
  • Located in a private bay, Angel's Marmaris Hotel offers an inspiring natural atmosphere. It has the Aegean Sea on one side, and the lush forest on the other. Besides being a 5-star hotel with no alcohol service, it provides its guests the chance to stay in an opulent villa with a swimming pool. Therefore, you can have a great time with your family in complete seclusion. In addition to these, those staying in a villa can benefit from VIP services- private breakfast in the room, airport transfer, private beach cabanas and free dinner in the a la carte restaurant.
Angel's Marmaris Otel özel havuzlu villa
Angel's Marmaris Hotel private villa pool
  • Kayakapı Premium Caves in Cappadocia offers a private indoor pool in some of the rooms and an outdoor pool in the patio of select rooms. Enjoy spending time with your family inside the pool in the authentic atmosphere of cave hotels.
Kayakapı Premium Caves - Havuzlu Oda
Kayakapı Premium Caves offers private indoor pools in some of its rooms
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