From the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean to vast mountains, and the Sahara Desert in the far south, Morocco is a place which is immersed in beauty and culture and has a lot to offer.

Discover all the riches of the medinas, picturesque landscapes, legendary souks, traditional workshops and historic buildings throughout the country.

Halal-friendly hotels in MOROCCO


Start your adventure in Chefchaouen, Morocco’s famous blue city, nicknamed the “blue pearl of Morocco”.

Halal-friendly hotels in CHEFCHAOUEN


Explore the impressive Bou Inania Madrasa of the 13th century in Fes, a masterpiece of Merinid architecture.

Explore the colourful tanneries of Fes and gain an insight into the ancient leatherwork traditions.

Halal-friendly hotels in FES


Walk through the Roman ruins of Volubilis in Meknes, a UNESCO World Heritage site and wonder at carved stone, old olive trees, arches, columns, and stunningmosaics.

Enjoy one of the best-loved cuisines on the planet. Don’t leave without trying a delicious iconic fragrant tagine.


Visit the holy city of Rissani, a perfect starting point to discover the desert.

Halal-friendly hotels in RISSANI


Embrace the hustle and bustle and get lost in the souks of Marrakesh, you never know what delights you may stumble across!


Marvel at the ramparts of Essaouira, with its picturesque fishing boats bobbing in the bay and enjoy freshly caught and beautifully cooked fish.

Halal-friendly hotels in MARRAKESH / ESSAOUIRA


Halal-friendly hotels in AGADIR

With different climates across the country, Morocco is a perfect destination all year round.

Start planning your Moroccan holiday by searching the wide range of halal-friendly accommodation throughout Morocco available on HalalBooking.

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