At the heart of the Middle East, lies the ever-bustling metropolis of Dubai with its unique and innovative fusion of East meets West, that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The rise of modern-day Dubai is akin to the ripple effect seen in the waves of its majestic sand dunes - it is one of the fastest developing cities in current times, evolving from a simple port city to the wealthiest in the Middle East. The largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai fascinates many for the extravagant lifestyle that is a huge contrast from the city's original culture of Bedouins, dhows, and fishing that still prevailed as recently as the 1960s. Anyone can admire the ambition and the dreams of the simple tribesmen that have made Dubai the tourist attraction it is today.

Here, extraordinary and extravagant go hand in hand: a pioneer for setting new world records, no two holidays to the city will be the same as Dubai continues to evolve, cherishing the best of its culture whilst innovation drives the tourism industry with ultimate and modern experiences. The Emirate attracts many Muslim tourists amongst the 15 million tourists who visit every year, for the wealth of attractions including luxury shopping, state-of-the-art restaurants, rooftop terraces, Islamic history museums, ski slopes in a desert climate, palm trees and paradise-like beaches which set the scene for even the hardest to impress travellers.

Jumeirah beach in Dubai with its skyscrapers in the background
Jumeirah beach in Dubai with its skyscrapers in the background 

The ultimate halal-friendly holiday in Dubai

When is the best time to visit Dubai?

From the UK and Europe, travellers will find it easy to travel to Dubai with direct flights available from most major cities. The ultra-modern Dubai International Airport (DXB) offers luxury amenities, prayer and ablution facilities, and halal food offering the utmost comfort. Public transport and taxis are a relatively convenient way to travel around the Emirates.

Dubai is one of the rare holiday destinations that can be visited all-year around to your liking. Enjoy the winter sun of Dubai and escape the cold and harsh winters elsewhere. The best time to visit is between the months of November through to March, when the heat is not at its peak and travellers have the freedom to explore Dubai with fewer crowds and away from the scorching weather.

What makes Dubai so good for Muslim tourists?

Usually when you look for halal holiday inspiration a few things come to mind, with Dubai you don’t have to try hard to tick the boxes. There are a multitude of reasons why the destination is ideal for Muslim travellers, the confidence that comes with visiting a country where Islamic attire and obligatory prayers are welcomed and so well catered for is unmatched. Look around at all that is suitable for Muslims as the religious beliefs, clothing, and food in Dubai and see the basic DNA that forms an ideal halal holiday. The aforementioned will highlight the solid foundation of amenities in Dubai which appeals to Muslims, so here are some top tips that will enrich your holiday experience:

1. Visit the Mosques in Dubai - three words come to mind: beauty, serenity and architecture. Become spellbound with the stunning mosques and give the holiday a spiritual uplift. Energise the soul, sit in seclusion and meet local Muslims - feel free to do so at the oldest mosque, Al Bidya Mosque, a 15th century mosque or at the Stunning Grand Mosque. Muslims can set themselves a challenge and pray the 5 daily prayers at several different mosques in 1 day.

Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai

2. Visit the neighbouring emirate of Al Ain - home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Plan to visit as a day trip or overnight stay, a unique experience of the great oasis includes seeing the 4,000 year old green city and caravan route from UAE to Oman.

3. At some point, see Dubai of the past. Take a trip to discover the humble beginnings; sit on an Abra - a traditional Bedouin boat once used to travel across the Dubai Creek, visit the old souks, experience a desert trip and take in the cathartic experience. Seeing Dubai stripped of all the glamour will let you see past the man-made beauty and appreciate the authentic charm and tranquillity of the Bedouin lifestyle.

A desert safari in the red desert at Hatta near Dubai, UAE
A desert safari in the red desert at Hatta near Dubai

What to see and do in and around Dubai

Visit the iconic landmarks of Downtown Dubai

Explore perhaps the most well-known testament of the ambition of the Emiratis and their architectural achievements, the Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world took 6 years to construct, and tourists now can see the amazing views all the way from 828 metres up high as well as dining in the world’s highest restaurant, Atmosphere.

Downtown Dubai at sunset with the Burj Khalifa on the background
Downtown Dubai at sunset with the Burj Khalifa in the background

A visit to Dubai is incomplete without taking a shopping trip to the Dubai Mall - not just a mall, the centre is home to all varieties of shops, and even has around 30 different activities to enjoy including a Virtual Reality Park. One of the best and free attractions of Dubai is the Dancing Fountain, watch as the water dances in tune to the Arabic music making a fun attraction for all the family to enjoy. Get a glimpse of the past in Old Dubai and visit the traditional Souk Al Bahar, perfect for dining and to get souvenirs to take home.

Souk Al Bahar
Souk Al Bahar in Dubai

Explore the Marina & Palm Jumeirah

The artificially created archipelago of Palm Jumeirah and the nearby Marina is fun of adventure and fun for all to revel in. Whilst the Palm Jumeirah is an attraction and a stunning sight itself, there is so much more to do. Families will enjoy all the fun offered at the Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark, and adventure seekers will love the watersports available and the speed boat tour of the Marina in the sparkling Persian Gulf. Finish your days with dinner watching the sunset beyond the coast.

The Palm Jumeirah archipelago

Take in the culture in one of the oldest parts of the city: Deira

In the authentic area of Deira, tourists can enjoy a ride on a traditional boat, Abra, at the Bur Dubai Abra Dock. Take the Abra and ride over to the traditional souks of Dubai: the Gold Souk, Spice Souk and Old Souk. Take a minute to relax in the quieter area of Deira, and soak in the atmosphere of Al Mamzar Beach Park.

Discover the food haven of Dubai in the neighbourhood of Bur Dubai

A foodie's heaven in Dubai, your appetite for food will be invigorated. Bur Dubai is known for its choice in cuisines, but all over Dubai, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Dubai isn’t limited to only fabulous food in restaurants, tourists will find themselves allured to cafes, carts selling fresh coconut water to drink on the corniche, ice cream parlours and snack stops. All the big names you're used to seeing around the world are available to indulge in, in Dubai. The population of the city is quite diverse and the food around the area represents the fusion of cultures in the flavours on offer. The array of global halal cuisine available in one city is phenomenal and is just one of the things that attracts an abundance of Muslim tourists each year.

Tourists will enjoy tasting the halal Western food chains and award winning restaurants that we would normally stray away from back home due to the restrictive non-halal diet. As well as this, we also recommend trying the traditional and authentic Emirati dishes:

  • Enjoy the Camel Meat, which comes in a variety of dishes. The Camel Burger is definitely one to try.
  • Try the Majboos - a traditional rice dish with fragrant spices and chicken.
  • Explore the flavours of the authentic salads, Fattoush and Tabbouleh - enjoy as a refreshing light meal or part of a bigger meal.
  • Make sure to try the delicious Shawarma, available to go in many stalls.
  • Flatbreads: try the sweet or savoury version, both equally as enjoyable.
Delicious halal food in the UAE
Delicious halal food in Dubai

There are plenty of food tours to enjoy that will give you an introduction to the gateway of food on offer. We suggest choosing meals to enjoy in settings which compliment your mood and itinerary for the day.

Stay in the finest of halal-friendly accommodations in Dubai

Perhaps one of the most appealing things for a Muslim holiday in Dubai is the ample choice of halal-friendly resorts and hotels. Unlike anywhere else in the world, Dubai is known for the luxury hotels and resorts with halal-friendly amenities and halal food, so anyone can choose exactly what they want on their holiday. On HalalBooking, tailor the hotels by alcohol-free or dry hotels amongst other filters. The best thing about the choice of hotels is that luxury can now go hand in hand with the Muslim holidays, and you can ensure that whilst on holiday, you are still staying with your values and Islamic morals.

Dubai: The Dream You Wish Would Continue

The city where everything you imagined is possible awaits you. Become dazzled by the heavenly scenery combined with the contemporary splendour making anyone who visits feel like a Sheikh or Sheikha. Be whisked away in a Ferrari or an Abra, whatever you feel like whilst the glowing sunrises and sunsets complete your dream holiday.

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