Lucerne, the gateway to central Switzerland nestles in an endlessly fascinating mountain panorama. Immerse yourself in this special place and be enchanted by its breathtaking beauty! The city of Lucerne is the perfect representation of Switzerland in pocket format: unmissable sights, unique mountains, the magnificent Lake Lucerne and much more.


Climate in Lucerne

The climate in Lucerne is temperate with warm summer months and cool winters. In summer, temperatures rise to an average of 25 ° C.

Natural Paradise

Lucerne is the ideal starting point for popular excursions into the natural paradise of Central Switzerland. Drive to Lucerne's own mountain, the Pilatus or the Rigi, Queen of the Mountains. Also great for a day out is the Stanserhorn, the Bürgenstock or a steam boat trip on Lake Lucerne.

Lake Lucerne, locally also known as “Vierwaldstättersee”, is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Its shores stretch for a total length of 162 kms, bordering the four Swiss cantons of Lucerne, Unterwalden, Schwyz and Uri. The lake emerged from the Reuss Glacier in the last ice age 12,000 years ago and still impresses with its unusual fjord-like, shape. The small, winding bays create a picturesque atmosphere.

Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne

The majestic Rigi, "Queen of the Mountains" on Lake Lucerne, rises to a height of 1,800 metres and offers a spectacular 360-degree panorama. Küssnacht, at the foot of the Rigi, is also an idyllic place with its incredible charm and village character. The famous spa promenade with its numerous restaurants, cafés, boutiques and stalls is the perfect place for a relaxing stroll.


The Pilatus, Lucerne’s “own” mountain, towers over Lucerne and is a popular excursion destination. Enjoy the views, beautiful nature and a selection of culinary delights. Get on the steepest rack railway in the world and be transported up to the top! Admire the fantastic view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Numerous hiking trails also lead to this gigantic mountain.


With traditional open wooden wagons you drive comfortably from Stans towards Stanserhorn. As the main attraction, at the middle station you switch to an aerial cable car with an open upper deck, a double-deck panorama cabin. Meet the marmots halfway and take a break in the “Rondorama” summit restaurant, which rotates on its own axis.


The Bürgenstock is ideal for walking, enjoying the view and breathing fresh mountain air. The highest external elevator in Europe, the Hammetschwand lift, connects a breathtaking rock path with the Hammetschwand viewpoint on the Bürgenstock plateau with views of Lake Lucerne.

A trip on the Gotthard Panorama Express from Lucerne takes you across Lake Lucerne to the foot of the Gotthard Pass and then by train to Ticino south of the Alpine ridge.

Lucerne’s attractions

The city of Lucerne offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. The beautiful, car-free old town is particularly well preserved and offers numerous historical sights. Go to the picturesque old town squares, all of which are adorned with old houses and historic frescoes. Wander through the narrow streets, stroll around the chic boutiques or take a break in one of the many beautiful cafés.

The Chapel Bridge with its gable paintings, also one of the symbols of Lucerne, is the oldest covered medieval wooden bridge in the world, and connects the old and new district of Lucerne with each other. It used to be part of the city fortifications and takes its name from the nearby St. Peter's chapel. The associated octagonal water tower is one of the most popular photo motifs in Switzerland.

The Chapel Bridge
Chapel Bridge

The Musegg Wall, one of the landmarks of the city, has been preserved in its original defensive form, except for a tower.

In the Swiss Museum of Transport, there is much more to marvel at than modes of transport: its attractions include a planetarium and the Swiss Chocolate Adventure, which enables you to experience a multimedia journey through the world of Swiss chocolate.

The Lion Monument, the so-called “dying lion of Lucerne” is one of the most famous monuments in the world. It was carved into the natural rock in memory of the heroic death of the Swiss Guards who died during the French Revolution in the Tuileries Palace in 1792.

The Lion Monument
Lion Monument

The 112-metre-long Bourbaki Panorama is one of the few surviving monumental circular paintings in the world. It is simultaneously a witness to the media and war history of the 19th century.

In the Museum Rosengart Collection you will experience an unforgettable encounter with great works of art. Marvel at works by Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and another 23 Impressionist and Classic Modern artists.

Lucerne has also made a name for itself in innovative design. The futuristic Culture and Congress Center (KKL) by the French star architect Jean Nouvel are among the architectural highlights of Lucerne. It offers various cultural events all year round.

Active holidays in Lucerne

Lucerne offers a number of possibilities for an active holiday both on Lake Lucerne and in the extensive mountain landscape. Whether you prefer hiking, cycling, golfing, paragliding, swimming or water sports such as sailing, surfing, diving or canoeing, Lucerne has something for everyone.

Sailing on Lake Lucerne
Sailing on Lake Lucerne

Islam in Lucerne

There are around 14,000 Muslims living in the canton of Lucerne and there are, therefore, a number of mosques in the area. Some well-known mosques are the Alhuda Mosque, Al-Tauhid Mosque and the Turkish Islamic Centre.

Culinary specialties of Lucerne

As an alternative to the numerous traditional meat dishes, which may not necessarily be halal, Muslim tourists may prefer Lake Lucerne’s excellent fish cuisine: fresh fish right on the doorstep with regional products and seasonal side dishes. In addition, you will always find the option of delicious vegetarian dishes. Don't miss the succulent local Lucerne cheeses!

There are also some halal restaurants in Lucerne where, rather than traditional Swiss dishes, you will find delicious Moroccan, Arabic, Asian, Indian or Turkish cuisine. The most famous halal restaurants in Lucerne are Mirch Masala, Gandhi, Erdem Kebab and Tassnim Orient.

Some traditional sweet temptations:

  • The Birnwegg - a traditional pastry from Central Switzerland with a filling made from dried pears.
  • The chriesi soup - a rather unusual but tasty dessert made from toasted flour porridge topped with cherries.
  • Chatzestreckerli - made from honey and almonds with a light apricot flavour.
The chriesi soup
Chriesi soup

Where to stay in Lucerne?

Hotel Sonnenberg ✰✰✰, Kriens

Hotel Sonnenberg
Hotel Sonnenberg

Hotel Monopol ✰✰✰✰, Lucerne

Hotel Monopol
Hotel Monopol

Hotel Drei Könige ✰✰✰, Lucerne

Hotel Drei Könige
Hotel Drei Könige

Are you feeling inspired and ready to book your halal-friendly holiday in Lucerne? It is definitely worthwhile to discover a destination a bit closer to home as an alternative to travelling further afield, and, of course, to enjoy fantastic views and explore sights and culture at the same time.

There may not be as many hotels with halal-friendly services in Lucerne as in some other destinations, but on you are sure to find the accommodation that best suits your needs, wherever you travel. Enjoy peace of mind with our Price Match offer.

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