Discover underwater wonders

Egypt has consistently topped the list for popular tourist destinations for many years and for good reason - the diversity of attractions, amazing weather, and welcoming culture make it the perfect destination that is appealing all year round. Not many countries can boast to be home to a wonder of the world, ancient land of pyramids, pharaohs and deserts, there is much more awaiting you than you think: the versatile cities come together for a holiday of a lifetime.

Take a dive into the Red Sea, where you will be welcomed by a magical kaleidoscope of colours at first glance. The finest coral reefs, golden sand beaches, and snorkelling and diving amongst unique species of fish await you. Tour the ocean from your very own panoramic window in a submarine or glass-bottom boat and explore many more exciting activities. Get comfy and continue to read below to learn more about what makes Egypt’s iconic Red Sea a popular choice for tourists and the ideal destination for a halal-friendly holiday.

What to know before packing

Flights to Hurghada, the capital of the Red Sea District, and to Sharm el Sheikh are available from most major airports in the UK. If you are visiting other areas in Egypt, internal flights to the resorts around the Red Sea are available.

The Red Sea Coast is one of the only places in the world, lucky enough to be blessed with sunshine all year round. With temperatures in the summer reaching up to about 30-40°C, you will be kept cool by the breeze of the sea. Whilst in winter the days are warm, the nights can be a bit cooler. The water can be quite cold during the winter, but Spring and Autumn present a nice medium between the two extremes, which is when most decide to visit. With that being said, whatever time you choose to visit, the weather brings about a pleasant and warm atmosphere. Egypt has all you need for a halal holiday, so there is not much you need to worry about before going.

Things to do in the Red Sea

The good thing about the Red Sea is that you can enjoy outdoor activities, comfortable in your modest swimwear and outdoor wear, which is the norm in Egypt. You no longer have to feel shy about rocking a burkini whilst scuba diving, parasailing and all the other activities which are available all over the region. No trip to the Masr is complete without camel riding, desert safaris and quad biking and yachting for perfect Instagram-worthy pictures. For those who can’t swim, make sure to try the glass-bottom boats of the Red Sea, to go underwater and see the wonders of the world without breaking a sweat.

The Red Sea in Egypt is one of the world's best and most famous locations for both snorkeling and diving activities
The Red Sea in Egypt is one of the world's best and most famous locations for both snorkeling and diving activities


The beach resort of Hurghada is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Red Sea District. With humble beginnings as a small fishing village, it has now grown into a resort for Egypt bringing in many tourists. Take a walk and revel in the atmosphere in the bustling El-Dahar Square with the fresh produce market and the Hurghada Marina, a beautiful place to walk and relax with the family. Snorkel in deep blue waters and get away to the amazing Giftun Islands for beautiful reefs and underwater flora. Families will enjoy the many exciting water parks including the Makadi Water World and Jungle Aqua Park, and the tropical fish of the Hurghada Grand Aquarium. Explore adventure at the El Gouna Cable Park Sliders, one of the worlds largest cable parks with exciting water sports.

Hurghada Marina
Hurghada Marina

Sharm El Sheikh

Another major tourist hotspot of the Red Sea is the iconic Sharm El Sheikh. Not only will the sparkling waters and the soft Sandy beaches such as the Ras Um Said dazzle you. Shop until you drop in SOHO Square and watch restaurants and shisha bays come alive along the Na’ama Bay. Admire the architecture of the Old Market, where dozens of street stalls and markets will capture your attention and you can find waterfall shows at night. Families will enjoy the fun at Dolphina Park and Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh.

El Sahaba Mosque in Sharm El Sheikh
El Sahaba Mosque in Sharm El Sheikh

Red Sea halal-friendly hotels

There are halal-friendly properties at the Red Sea suitable for halal conscious travellers at HalalBooking. Most hotels have prayer facilities or prayer rooms, which helps you to fulfil your Islamic duty. Many hotels now allow flexibility with the options of ‘free cancellation’ and ‘book now and pay later’.


Coral Sea Holiday Resort
Charmillion Club Aqua Park


Sentido Mamlouk Palace Resort
Lilly apartments

For the halal-conscious traveller

With the population of Egypt being approximately 90% Muslim, there is a lot of the Muslim traveller. The capital, Cairo, is a great stopover on your trip to the Red Sea, accessible by plane, bus and train. The Cairo museum and prestigious Islamic University are well known to many for its rich Islamic history and rare manuscripts of the Quran. There are also many shrines of the beloved family of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which can easily be put together for an exceptional itinerary rich in spirituality, and a highly beneficial and educational trip.

Al-Azhar University in Cairo
Al-Azhar University in Cairo

The historic region of the Red Sea has been the setting of many ancient tales and has played a particularly important role in Islamic history. Divine stories such as Musa (AS) and the parting of the Red Sea took place in the magical land of Egypt and just adds to the appeal of a halal holiday. With so much Islamic influence in the country and in the region, it comes as no surprise to the amount of mosques in the resorts around the Red Sea including Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. The El Mina Mosque on Sheraton Street, Hurghada is one of the beautifully designed mosques visited for its beauty and architecture, and functioning prayer facilities. Enjoy the spectacular Red Sea and fulfil your duty to obligatory salats, knowing you are in such close proximity to the settings of Islamic tales and stories will bring such a blessed feeling that is unmatched.

The El Mina Mosque on Sheraton Street, Hurghada
El Mina Mosque on Sheraton Street, Hurghada

Halal food at the Red Sea

You will not struggle to find a delicious halal dish that satisfies your stomach and taste buds wherever you are in Egypt. The food and popular dishes in every country play a big part in embracing the culture. Not only is most of the food in Egypt halal, but the Western chains and franchises that we are used to only enjoying vegetarian and fish dishes are also halal (and mouth watering too). Here are some handpicked traditional Egyptian dishes, available at most restaurants, that must be tried:

  • Kushari - A dish made of lots of different ingredients like rice, spaghetti, vermicelli and macaroni, brought to life with a tomato and chilli sauce, garlic and vinegar. This dish is sure to pack a punch of flavours.
  • Ful - A popular traditional breakfast, made from fava beans cooked in oil and salt.
  • Mahshi - Vegetables of your choice, like aubergines, peppers, tomatoes filled with a rice filling.

Explore an unparalleled beauty

The Red Sea will enchant you with breathtaking views at surface level and underwater, like a parallel world. There is captivating scenery from whichever platform you choose to look from. Look forward to sunrise and sunsets at Mount Sinai, horse and camel riding in Makadi Bay, discovering shipwrecks underwater, scuba diving, parasailing all in an accepting and modest environment. The unmatched resorts rich in history, culture, water sports, Egyptian hospitality and flavoursome foods await you. A perfect holiday destination for all the family, that will also definitely keep the little ones entertained.


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