It’s no surprise that Morocco has proved to be one of our most popular destinations for halal-friendly holidays. It is one of those countries whose very name conjures up exotic images of atmospheric medinas, bustling souks, spice-filled aromas and spectacular scenery. For Muslim travellers it’s pretty much perfect - delicious halal cuisine, excellent standards of accommodation and warm, welcoming local people. And what’s more, a holiday in Morocco won’t break the bank - you are assured of excellent value, whether you choose 5 star luxury or rustic home comforts.

Villas in Morocco - ideal for laid-back family holidays

Villa holidays are always a good choice for families with children. There’s no pressure to fit in with anyone else’s timetable - meal times are planned around you and there’s no waiting around either. Self-catering is sometimes the best option for fussy eaters or families where not everyone is on the same schedule, as far as food is concerned. Our Moroccan villas offer the best of both worlds - some are available on a self-catering basis; others have the use of communal amenities or come with a cook or housekeeper to do the shopping and cooking for you. This does sometimes involve an additional charge, so do check the details on individual property pages.

Villas in Morocco - ideal for laid-back family holidays

Private Villas - perfect for romance and honeymoons

Morocco - and especially the countryside around Marrakech - is home to some of the best private villas in our portfolio. Many of them enjoy stunning views of the spectacular Atlas Mountains in the distance and are set in spacious gardens,with private swimming pools, ensuring complete privacy. In Morocco, it’s possible to enjoy a stay in a luxury villa at a reasonable price, perfect for those who don’t want to lower their standards, but don’t have unlimited budgets. It helps that the stylish Moroccan architecture and décor is so pleasing to the eye - terracotta hues, intricate tiles and sumptuous soft furnishings all add to the romantic feel. A Moroccan villa could be the ideal choice for a relaxed honeymoon or romantic getaway.

Moroccan villa could be the ideal choice for a relaxed honeymoon or romantic getaway.
Moroccan villa could be the ideal choice for a relaxed honeymoon or romantic getaway

Top 5 reasons for choosing a Moroccan villa holiday:

1. Culture and history on your doorstep

Morocco has a rich Islamic heritage. Even the names of its great cities evoke images of exotic locations and fascinating history - Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, Essaouira, Rabat, Tangier. Each has at its heart, the old medina, an ancient walled city of narrow streets and stunning riads, opening on to shady courtyards. Simply to wander the streets of these enchanting medinas is like taking a stroll through history. Enjoy haggling for souvenirs in the souks, or sipping refreshing mint tea in the courtyards and squares. A holiday in Morocco also allows you the opportunity to pray in the inspirational setting of superb mosques such as the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech, with its unusual square minaret - one of the most impressive in the Islamic world - or the spectacular Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, with its breathtaking seafront setting and modern architecture. Many of the villas featured by HalalBooking are within easy reach of Morocco’s great cities - hire a car or book an excursion and explore the local area.

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca
Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

2. Privacy for Muslim Families

One of the biggest concerns for halal-conscious travellers is finding accommodation which allows all members of the family - particularly women - to enjoy a relaxing holiday, swimming and soaking up the sunshine, without worrying about having to compromise their modesty. Although there are hotels available on which have private pools for women or allow for women to wear modest swimwear, this is by no means as common as you might expect in Morocco. One of the best ways of guaranteeing privacy for all members of the family is to book a villa with a secluded pool, which means that it is not overlooked in any way from the outside. This means that you and your family can swim, sunbathe and enjoy relaxing time together on the terrace or in the garden without having to worry about the outside world. Simply use the filters in the ‘Leisure for Ladies and Family’ category on our website to narrow down the search results to find a villa which is suitable for your requirements.

Moroccan villa with a secluded pool
Moroccan villa with a secluded pool

3. Affordable luxury

We all want to make our holidays special - particularly when travel now feels like such a privilege. Sadly, though, we don’t all have unlimited budgets. Booking a villa holiday in Morocco means that you can afford the villa of your dreams at a surprisingly reasonable price. Stylish interiors; beautiful terraces and gardens for al fresco dining; a private pool offering freedom for you and your family to swim and sunbathe freely, without being seen from outside - many of these come as standard in our Moroccan villas. Some even offer private spa facilities and a cook to shop and prepare your food, although there may be an additional charge for some extra services and amenities.

Some villas in Morocco offer private spa facilities
Some villas in Morocco offer private spa facilities

4. Stunning natural beauty

Morocco has a truly diverse and beautiful natural landscape - from golden sandy beaches in Agadir and Essaouira to desert landscapes and the unspoilt beauty of the High Atlas Mountains. If you want to explore Morocco fully on your halal villa holiday, it’s easy enough to plan an itinerary, hire a car and book villa accommodation in more than one place. Alternatively, if you base yourself near to Marrakech, then it is easy enough to take a day trip up into the High Atlas Mountains, to visit one of the traditional mountain villages, where the daily routines of life have continued undisturbed for generations. In spring and autumn it is perfect for keen walkers, who will enjoy exploring the countryside and enjoying the views. In the summer months, the beaches of Agadir are a big attraction for halal-conscious families.

Red arches of Legzira beach
Red arches of Legzira beach

5. Delicious halal food

One of the big attractions of a villa holiday in Morocco is that it gives you the best of both worlds: you can cook for yourself when you feel like it, and choose to eat out when you fancy a change. In Morocco all food is halal and it is very easy to find alcohol-free restaurants. Try the aromatic tagines, made with chicken, lamb or fish, which are packed with flavour, accompanied by couscous. The local markets are a great source of fresh fruit and vegetables, for those who prefer to self-cater. Try the souks for traditional spices. In some of the villas, featured on it is possible to enjoy the services of a housekeeper to shop and even cook for you and your family.

Traditional Moroccan tagine
Traditional Moroccan Couscous

Our top picks of Moroccan villas for halal-conscious travellers:

Villa Safa 📍Al Ouidane, Marrakech

Very Good 8.7

Villa Safa

Villa Safa in Marrakech offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a beautifully equipped outdoor space and a fully-secluded private outdoor pool. All food on the property is always halal and no alcohol is served anywhere.

What HalalBooking guests had to say:

"Very nice family stay. The children enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. Very comfortable villa, you quickly feel at home! The stay was very easy thanks to the culinary talents of the housekeeper and cook. A real cordon bleu! Her dishes were delicious! If you want to get away from the noise of the cities and relax in peace during a stay in the countryside with all the comforts, this place is ideal. Unforgettable stay! Thanks to the staff. " Ahmed, Belgium

Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa 📍Marrakech

Very Good 8.9

Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa

A choice of attractive 2, 3 or 4-bedroom villas, each with its own private garden and pool. There is an alcohol-free restaurant and a hammam and steam room, which can be hired for private use.

What HalalBooking guests had to say:

Our villa completely met our expectations, comfort, cleanliness and calm. We loved the villa-hotel concept. The staff were very attentive, especially Noredine who took great care of the meals. We didn't even have to ask anymore.
We also appreciated the spa where Nora is an exceptional hostess. We were able to make a traditional privatised hamam a real joy. From reception to room service and maintenance staff, everything was perfect. Ikram, Belgium

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