In the heart of Europe - so close and yet a world away in atmosphere - a stay in Bosnia & Herzegovina is a journey back in time, exploring nature, culture and history.

The former Yugoslavian nation of Bosnia & Herzegovina is a magnificent country, whose ancient and tumultuous history has left its traces throughout the country. Its extensive natural beauty and treasure trove of architectural sights remain away from the beaten tourist track, which is becoming increasingly rare in Europe!

Discover Sarajevo - the “European Jerusalem”

Begin your stay in the vibrant capital, Sarajevo, where you can see places of worship of all of the world’s most important monotheistic religions: Orthodox and Catholic churches, synagogues and mosques – a place where Orient meets Occident in the heart of the Balkans.

The fascinating city of Sarajevo

Take a stroll around the lively Baščaršija area and visit its well-known Sebilj Fountain, which has been the meeting point for locals since the 15th century - it gives you an incredible old world feel.

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What to see and do in and around Sarajevo

Visit Sarajevo’s largest Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque, enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the city from the Avaz Twist Tower and witness the magnificent building of the National Library, repaired to its former glory after being destroyed during the war.

Learn about the Bosnian War and the role of the Tunnel of Hope (Tunel Spasa) in Ilidža, constructed during the Siege of Sarajevo. It was the only link between the city - which was otherwise entirely cut off - and the rest of the world. It is the tunnel that kept wartime Sarajevo alive.

Pay a visit to the grave of the “Wise King”, Alija Izetbegović, first President of the newly-independent Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who led the Bosniaks during the Bosnian War.

Visit the Latin Bridge, an Ottoman bridge over the river Miljacka, and the site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914, which provoked World War I.

Visit Srebrenica

Visit the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial in Srebrenica, officially known as the Srebrenica–Potočari Memorial and Cemetery for the Victims of the 1995 Genocide. It was set up to honour the mor than 8,372 victims of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide, mostly male Bosniaks.

Explore Bosnia & Herzegovina’s natural beauty

Bosnia & Herzegovina is blessed with a lush natural environment, offering opportunities for fishing, kayaking, caving and bird-watching. You will be enchanted by the National Parks such as Vrelo Bosne or Sutjeska, which has one of the two last primeval forests in Europe. Rivers give birth to magnificent waterfalls, the most famous being the Kravice Waterfall near to Mostar.

Discover Mostar

Discover Bosnia's world-famous town Mostar and experience its local atmosphere in the Old Bazaar, dating back to the Ottoman era in the 16th Century. Enjoy  the vitality of the workshops, the little restaurants, where you can taste excellent traditional dishes, and the crowded cafes. HalalBooking offers a selection of halal-friendly hotels in Mostar.

Bosnia's most beautiful Ottoman Bridges

The Ottoman bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina are authentic architectural masterpieces, which are remarkable due to their massive pillars, pointed arches, and circular openings. The UNESCO-listed Stari Most is one of the most important pieces of Islamic architecture in the Balkans and the connection between the two parts of the city across the river Neretva. The city and its bridge were rebuilt after being destroyed during the Bosnian war.

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