2024 promises to be an exciting year for Muslim travellers seeking a trip that caters for their faith and priorities. Whether you're looking for immersive cultural experiences, quality family time, personal rejuvenation or simply to find a bargain, there's something for everyone this year. As pioneers in this space, HalalBooking stays ahead, connects you with the latest trends and helps you book the most sought-after trips.

Here are 8 top Muslim travel trends in 2024:


Set-jetting refers to the growing travel trend of visiting locations from movies and TV shows. The term originated in the late noughties but has gained popularity recently as PR firms and tourist boards capitalise on the popularity of streaming services. 

For Muslim travellers, these cinematic destinations offer cultural and religious familiarity amidst the Hollywood glamour. Classic cinema fans can visit Jordan’s Wadi Rum, scene of the 1962 epic, Lawrence of Arabia or for more recent cinematic adventures, the ancient city of Petra (also in Jordan) which features in the escapades of Indiana Jones.

Wadi Rum, Valley of the Moon, Jordan

Alternatively, visit the set of the Star Wars hotel, an ancient troglodyte building in the Berber village of Matmata in the Tunisian desert or transport yourself into legendary scripts like Gladiator, which was in part filmed in the historic fortified Moroccan village of Aït Benhaddou.

For those streaming hit Turkish shows, historic sites from Resurrection: Ertuğrul to The Last Emperor have sparked interest. For example, you can check out our dedicated blog article on the Legacy of Ertuğrul and visit the city of Bursa — the warrior's final resting place.

Ertuğrul Gazi Mausoleum in Söğüt, Türkiye

2.Wellness escapes

Wellness holidays have become increasingly popular as travellers seek holidays centred around personal health and rejuvenation. Even among Western travellers, the alcohol-free getaways focused on holistic wellbeing have become a trend. 

So, it's no surprise that more people seek to use their precious annual leave to relax, unwind and enjoy the peaceful natural scenery. As 2024 begins, this growing desire to spend holidays nourishing the mind, body and spirit shows no signs of slowing. 

Travellers seek holidays centred around personal health and rejuvenation

Türkiye offers great value options with its long hammam tradition and thermal waters. Find women-only spas at resort hotels such as the Royal Teos Thermal Resort Wellness & Spa, which has a stunning beachfront location and offers ladies-only and family beaches and outdoor pools, as well as extensive ladies-only or mixed thermal spa centres.

Royal Teos Thermal Resort Wellness & Spa


A go-ccasion is a portmanteau of "goal" and "occasion". It refers to a milestone event you celebrate or acknowledge with a trip or holiday

Go-occasions can be important life moments like a wedding anniversary, having children, getting a new job, reaching retirement or even commemorating going on a pilgrimage. For example, many people mark the moment they perform Hajj by going on Umrah — it reminds them of that once-in-a-lifetime trip and helps with their personal growth and connection to their faith. For inspiration and information on how to organise your Umrah, read our dedicated blog: Our Guide to DIY Umrah: The Most Rewarding Trip.

You can craft customised tours, activities, and accommodation tailored to the occasion, whether you're celebrating new beginnings, midlife reflections, or relationships.

4.Extended family retreats

Spending quality time with family tops the priority list for many when planning holidays. But have you thought about going on holiday with the extended family? In 2024, trips with extended relatives — like grandparents, siblings, nieces and nephews — will gain popularity.

Muslim families have long been renowned for multigenerational living — and everyone going on holiday together is a natural continuation of this tradition. Often, extended family vacations involve venturing to ancestral homelands together. But increasingly, people are breaking from that status quo, wanting new holiday experiences with the broader family elsewhere.

Renting private villas or homes has become a rising trend for Muslim families. This accommodation offers spaciousness, privacy, and a home-like atmosphere that helps create lasting memories. Whether the whole clan decamps for a reunion in Antalya or books a villa in Morocco, Spain or Kalkan, make a family get-together even more special by going on holiday together. 

Renting private villas or homes has become a rising trend for Muslim families

Use HalalBooking’s unique Precise Total Family Pricing to get the best deal for your family group and check out specific room types in your chosen hotel to find out which ones offer the possibility of adjacent or connecting rooms. Discover our feature page, where all our unique features are explained.

5.Book early to save

The cost-of-living crisis, inflation, and rising travel costs have led many holidaymakers to consider booking trips closer to their departure dates. However, on HalalBooking.com the best deals are always to be found by early bookers. Take advantage of exclusive Early Booking Discounts by booking as soon as possible and looking out for price rise emails.

Even if you’re not completely sure of your holiday plans, you can book early and select free cancellation prices, locking current prices as a hedge against future cost increases from inflation, fuel surcharges or currency fluctuations. If your plans change you can cancel and rebook.

Book early, pay later and select free cancellation prices

Early booking allows travellers to guarantee prices and manage budgets. Free cancellations mean you can adjust plans if needed, which provides financial peace during the turbulent economic climate. You can also make use of Book now, pay later options to budget for your holiday with little or no deposit required. 

6.Affordable alternatives

One way to save money is by visiting budget-friendly destinations that offer experiences similar to those in more expensive locations. These lesser-known locations can provide the same grandeur and excitement for a fraction of the price. 

Instead of Maldives, why not check out Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand? And Dubai isn't the only place to take your instagram friendly snaps, try Morocco

Beautiful white sand beach in Zanzibar

In 2024, travellers will seek affordable yet culturally rich destinations that offer immersive experiences without breaking the bank.  

From exploring historic cities in Türkiye or Andalusia, to discovering the natural beauty of destinations like Bosnia and Herzegovina, these locations present opportunities to delve into local culture and explore historical landmarks without compromising on quality experiences. 

Historic Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

7.Sun, sea & (halal) sangria 

We've all grown up seeing our peers jet off to beach holidays, lazing about all-inclusive resorts for a week of sunbathing and feasting. For practising Muslims, especially Muslim women who require secluded ladies-only spaces, such carefree indulgence was just a mirage until recently. Although sightseeing has its pleasures, sometimes all we crave is to lie on a lounger, sip a mocktail and read a book while the kids play freely in the pool.

Sun, sea & (halal) sangria

Thankfully, the rise of inclusive halal resorts allows Muslim families to do just that. And with more hotels catering to a Muslim audience, this trend is set to continue in 2024. These destinations feature halal dining, prayer rooms, spas, beaches and pools in women-only areas, enabling women to swim and soak up the rays without compromise. With recreational activities abiding by Islamic ethics, Muslim families can now opt for inclusive resort holidays just like everyone else!

Women-only area with pool in Türkiye

For more inspiration, read our dedicated blog article: “We felt welcome!” A poignant testimony from a Muslim family: first time in a halal-friendly hotel.”

8.Umrah plus 

Umrah is always a rewarding experience, but now that the Saudi government has relaxed worldwide visa restrictions, it’s so much easier to plan your own DIY trip and take in other destinations, as well as the holy cities. Jeddah is the historic gateway to Makkah and Madinah, sitting on the beautiful Red Sea coast with its beaches and clear waters. Stay for a few days to enjoy the beach and explore its historic old city with its atmospheric houses and gates, which were so significant for pilgrims of the past, reaching them, often after months of travelling.

Ariel View from Jeddah, KSA

Alternatively, plan a stop-over on your way to Umrah - Istanbul or Dubai are great choices each offering a unique blend of culture and relaxation.

Beautiful sunset in Istanbul landscape, Türkiye

Explore these fascinating world cities either on your way to or from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For detailed information on how to organise your Umrah and more information about Umrah plus, read our dedicated blog article: Our Guide to DIY Umrah: The Most Rewarding Trip.

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